place2meet - Set up conference rooms and meeting islands

Meeting space design ideas

The place2meet area covers workspaces for small and large meetings and meetings, such as conference rooms and meeting islands. These areas offer privacy and space for everything between group meetings and impulse lectures. Ergonomic room design and an optimized work environment make the place2meet area ideal for longer meetings.


• Large conference rooms
• Smaller meeting rooms
• Meeting points in the office
• Meeting islands
• Meetingboxes

Design options

We customize your conference rooms and meeting spaces!

All rooms in the office - Discover our room worlds!


Welcome visitors and create a good first impression


Escape the office noise and work in peace, find ideas


Individual and concentrated work at the workplace


Exchange and work together on a project


Stand-up meetings in the middle of the office or meetings in conference rooms


Relaxing, refueling, eating and drinking, exchanging ideas with colleagues


Stow work materials or lock up personal items

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