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Floor plan. Concept. Visualization.

coneon provides you with a completely individual office concept that fits your company exactly. Taking into account current workplace guidelines, planning and design aspects intertwine to create the right office concept - always in close coordination with you. This includes not only the visualization of these plans but also the coordination of materials and office furniture as well as the option of custom-made products for special challenges of your office design. Let the know-how and creative talent of our interior designers convince you.

Our services for the office concept

"Different types of work need different environments."

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Occupancy plan

Taking into account the workplace guidelines and based on the THINK guideline, we create a 2D occupancy plan for you. This is a schematic representation of the furniture and room layout (zoning) on the floor plan.

Design concept

After approval of the occupancy plan follows the design concept in 3D including the color, material and furniture selection. From the 3D implementation, we create detailed visualizations of the various office spaces including ancillary rooms such as toilet, lounge, reception, canteen or kitchenette.


Furniture designs are a matter of course for us. We create for you all kinds of special furniture, as well as planning of kitchen and bathroom furniture. In case of finishing we also offer preparatory measures, such as a ceiling or floor mirror.

Interest aroused?

Simply request an office planning from coneon.

Traditional office forms vs. individual office concept from coneon

The well-known office forms, such as cellular office, open space, lean office or combined office are helpful templates to get an idea of the possibilities. However, we at coneon are convinced that it is not about selecting a certain concept X and imposing it on a company. In today's world, an office concept must offer diversity and flexibility and simply fit the respective corporate culture.

First concept design for the redesign of the office

In the next step, coneon will create a conceptual design for the redesign of your office. To do this, we first coordinate the new workstation distribution with you. Depending on the agreement, we then add additional sanitary facilities or recreation rooms, adapt walls accordingly or replace them with glass walls. When placing the workstations, we adhere to workplace guidelines. For example, we ensure that the minimum space requirements, the guidelines for walkways and traffic routes, and the specifications for lighting and ergonomics are met.

Konzeptentwurf – coneon

Visualize office design: See office design before realization

Based on the concept design, our designers create digital visualizations and mood boards for your new office, using an almost unlimited selection of fabric samples, floor coverings, wood decors and wall colors. The elements of light, acoustics, room climate and ergonomics also play a major role. We present the finished design to you in the form of 3D office visualizations and product presentations. This allows you to view your new office from all perspectives, even before construction work has begun.

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Office design with the coneon design experts

Whether it's a new installation, relocation or modernization - the coneon team of engineers, designers and project managers will make the most of your office space. We look forward to your inquiry!

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