Together for a better world

We support social projects with heart and passion

At coneon, we are proud not only to be a successful company, but also to fulfill our responsibility to society. We are passionate about social projects to make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world. Our commitment spans a variety of areas, from education and health to the environment. We believe that every contribution counts and together we can make a lasting change. Through targeted donations, we support carefully selected organizations that champion meaningful causes.

Fahrradmarathon Spendenaktion: Gruppe von Fahrradfahrern
Fahrradmarathon: Spendenübergabe auf einer Bühne
Fahrradmarathon: coneon Mitarbeitende zeigen leere Getränkekisten
Fahrradmarathon: coneon Mitarbeitende am Kaffeestand
Fahrradmarathon: Fahrradfahrer machen Rast

MfK fundraising bike tour


What a fantastic day! On Saturday, 08.07.2023, over 500 cyclists covered an impressive distance of 100 km, all for a good cause. The coneon team was there and actively supported ABUS by handing out drinks and cakes to the participants. Already in May and June we from coneon collected diligently steps for the good cause. Every day on which our team walked 10,000 steps or more was counted as a donation. The amount donated went to the organization "Menschen für Kinder e.V.", which supports children suffering from cancer and leukemia. We are proud of all participants!

A drone for DLRG Bischoffen


"A strong team for your safety" is the slogan of the DLRG Bischoffen. As coneon GmbH, we not only want to honor this great work, but also actively support it. By making a donation to finance a drone, we were able to give the DLRG team great pleasure. This drone can be used, for example, to find and rescue people more quickly or to check for embers in fires. On 23.03.2023 the handover took place on site at the Aartalsee. We thank the DLRG Bischoffen for this valuable work!

coneon spendet für den DLRG: Gruppenfoto am Aartalsee

coneon spendet an die Feuerwehr: Zeitungsartikel mit Bild

Financial injection for the fire department Bad Endbach-Mitte


Together with the company "Biogreen" coneon was allowed to hand over a donation to the support association of the fire department Bad Endbach-Mitte. "The work of the fire department is close to our hearts. The fire department needs - even in challenging times - our full support," said Mike Burk. Because the work can not be appreciated enough. Fire chief René Neumann emphasizes that they are grateful for every donation, "so we can only say thank you." The municipality invests very well in the fire department, "but there is not always money for everything. Thanks to donations like these, we can still make these purchases".

Sponsored run of the Diesterweg School

Sporty, sporty: At this year's sponsored run of the Diesterweg School in Herborn, we had the pleasure of sponsoring Leni and Nina Krämer. Together they completed a total of 50 laps - a great achievement. We are pleased that we were able to support the primary school with our donation to purchase new playground equipment for the playground.

Links Mutter und Tochter mit Sportklamotten, rechts Foto der Diesterwegschule