place2arrive - Set up reception areas

Ideas for reception counters and waiting areas

By place2arrive we mean the reception and waiting area of a company. The first impression of such an area should offer a pleasant ambience and a feeling of welcome. The corporate design of the company is individually reflected in this area, which enables a confident and customer-friendly appearance. In addition, a beautiful waiting area for customers and guests should not be missing.


• Reception areas
• Reception counters
• Lounge areas
• Waiting areas
• Corridor areas

Design options

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Welcome visitors and create a good first impression


Escape the office noise and work in peace, find ideas


Individual and concentrated work at the workplace


Exchange and work together on a project


Stand-up meetings in the middle of the office or meetings in conference rooms


Relaxing, refueling, eating and drinking, exchanging ideas with colleagues


Stow work materials or lock up personal items

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