Workplace regulations
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Your safety and the flawless furnishment of your property is important to us!

Workplace regulations

German Workplaces Ordinance (Arbeitsstättenverordnung, ArbStättV)

The Workplaces Ordinance contains precise specifications with regard to workplace design.

It defines, for instance, authoritative specifications for traffic routes, escape routes, storage rooms, machine rooms, common rooms, break rooms, first aid rooms and accommodation. The aim of the Workplaces Ordinance is to protect employees at the workplace and to prevent occupational illness and accidents at work such as ripping on damaged floors and stairs, transport accidents on routes that unsuitable or too narrowly dimensioned, severe accidents caused by splintering glass walls or illness caused by operating noise levels that are detrimental to health. Furthermore, the Workplaces Ordinance contains regulations on air, climate and light conditions and defines specifications for unobjectionable common facilities, in particular sanitary and recreational rooms.

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Technical Regulations for Workplaces (ASR)

The Technical Regulations for Workplaces (ASR) concretise the requirements of the Workplaces Ordinance (ArbStättV). They replaced the workplace directives of the old workplace ordinance of 1975. However, the ASR became obsolete at the beginning of 2013.

The specifications contained in these two workplace directives nonetheless continue to serve as “orienting values” when equipping and operating workplaces. Deviating from the directives is only permissible if the employer implements other, equally effective measures that achieve the same level of protection as the ASR.

There are currently 18 Technical Regulations for Workplaces:

ASR A1.2 Room dimensions and movement areas
ASR A1.3 Safety and health protection signage
ASR A1.5/1.2 Floors
ASR A1.6 Windows, skylights, translucent walls
ASR A1.7 Doors and gates
ASR A1.8 Traffic routes
ASR A2.1 Protection against falls and falling objects; access to hazard zones
ASR A2.2 Measures against fire
ASR A2.3 Escape routes and emergency exits; escape and rescue plan
ASR V3a.2 Design of barrier-free workplaces
ASR A3.4 Lighting
ASR A3.4/3 Safety lighting; visual safety guidance systems
ASR A3.5 Room temperature
ASR A3.6 Ventilation
ASR A4.1 Sanitary rooms
ASR A4.2 Break rooms and stand-by duty rooms
ASR A4.3 First aid room; means and equipment for providing first aid
ASR A4.4 Accommodation

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The regulations of the Workplaces Ordinance and the ASR are important components of coneon planning for interior designs, office furniture and equipment. Your safety and the fit-out of your premises are important to us!

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