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Experience your perfect oasis at work!

Corporate garden furniture creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere where your employees can unwind and enjoy their break times. Discover a diverse selection of stylish and durable outdoor furniture, specially designed for outdoor use. Comfortable lounge chairs, cozy sun loungers, practical tables and umbrellas - all for your true oasis of well-being.

Our outdoor furniture for professionals impresses with modern design and robust materials that withstand weather conditions. Easy to maintain and ready for use whenever you want.

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Productivity and relaxation combined: our outdoor furniture for your well-being at work!

Take care of your well-being and increase productivity and creativity at the same time. A relaxed environment has a positive effect on your working atmosphere. Let your mind wander, develop new ideas and return invigorated.

Create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and enjoy your breaks. Invest in your health and well-being of your employees - with our garden furniture for business the workplace becomes a place of relaxation and recreation.

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Outdoor furniture for an employee-oriented corporate culture

Make a statement for an employee-oriented corporate culture and design your outdoor area of your company premises stylishly and functionally. Be inspired by our assortment and experience how our outdoor furniture positively influences your working atmosphere.

No matter if outdoor terrace, company balcony, garden of the company premises or winter garden - we offer you the suitable outdoor furniture for every outdoor area of your company.

Five tips for designing an outdoor space for companies

  1. Furniture and seating:

    Select comfortable, weather-resistant, high-quality furniture that fits your company's identity. Comfortable chairs and tables are essential to provide inviting seating and invite customers or employees to linger.

  2. Sun protection:

    Make sure that your outdoor terrace provides sufficient protection from the sun. Parasols, awnings or pergolas are useful here to protect from direct sunlight and make the terrace comfortable even in hot weather.

  3. Green elements:

    Incorporate plants and greenery into the design of your outdoor patio. Plants not only give a pleasant atmosphere, but can also provide shade and improve the microclimate. However, be sure to choose plants that are easy to care for and hardy.

  4. Lighting:

    Provide adequate lighting so that the terrace can be used in the evening or in low light conditions. Atmospheric lighting by lanterns, fairy lights or indirect lighting can create a cozy atmosphere.

  5. Customer friendly design:

    Remember that the commercial outdoor patio also acts as your company's flagship. Make sure it has an inviting design that reflects your company's values and identity. You may also want to provide beverage or snack stations to help guests enjoy their stay.

These tips will help you create an attractive and engaging outdoor space for your business that appeals to customers and employees alike and invites them to linger.

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Stern Außenmöbel - Wintergarten

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