Design of an agile learning space

OSG Sotterbach – 51580 Reichshof

OneSchool Global is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive global schools with over 9,000 students and with locations in over 20 countries.

We at coneon gave the new Learning Center at OSG Campus Sotterbach a modern and agile design. The goal of the project was to create an agile and flexible workspace with diverse work zones for self-promoting learning and working. For this purpose, the space was divided into different areas. New classrooms, project workspaces and individual workstations are now available to teachers and students for individualized teaching and learning. A social area, think tanks, and various flexible spaces for free use, also provide students with new space for learning.

Various acoustic elements, as well as three large acoustic pictures on the walls and a custom-made acoustic ceiling, ensure the right acoustics in the rooms. In addition, glass partitions were installed, which were labeled and designed in close cooperation with OneSchool Global. For flexible learning and working, all workspaces were equipped with sufficient power outlets and whiteboards. The result is an agile workspace that promotes and supports teachers and students in their individual work.


The concept

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