Our promise for you

We understand that investing in a new or modernized office environment is a significant decision. That's why we want to assure you that we don't give empty words. Our commitment goes far beyond simply providing furniture and equipment.

We stand for a methodology based on excellence and customer satisfaction. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of every detail and element of your office design. From the selection of quality materials to meticulous planning and implementation, our methodology is designed to exceed your expectations.

büroplanung, Innenarchitekten am Tisch mit Plänen

The comparison

Time and cost savings + a stress-free experience for you!

The traditional approach to construction projects is to appoint both a design office and a construction contractor. This requires the customer to sign two separate contracts and mediate between the construction contractor and the design firm. This creates communication and understanding difficulties, increased costs and problems that delay or prevent the completion of the project.

Conventional method

coneon method

Through the coneon method, even complex projects can be simplified, as the project phases merge seamlessly. In addition, the quality improves. As a result, you get an all-around stress-free and enjoyable experience. This includes an early defined budget, a streamlined schedule and an excellent desig

Von Zeichnung bis zum fertigen Büro: Übergangsbild Schreibtische in modernem Büro

We promise ...


A modern office environment is proven to increase the productivity of your employees

According to a study by Fraunhofer IAO (Office Settings, 2014), 76% of respondents said that the office environment positively influenced their performance. Our customers also confirm the positive effect of the new office design on employee productivity. With over 30 years of office experience, we at coneon confirm this as well.

Planning reliability

High quality office designs through the expertise and experience of our design team

We deliver first-class office planning with high-quality visualizations. Our design team specializes in workplace analysis, 2D and 3D planning, and material and furniture concepts. Thanks to our expertise, you will receive well thought-out plans and appealing visualizations of your future office environment.

Time saving

Seamless transitions between construction phases mean your project will be completed faster, more successfully

Our method saves time compared to conventional approaches. With a central contact person, we take care of analysis, planning and expansion. We coordinate all trades and offer special solutions within the time frame. Your project will be successfully completed faster.

Transparent communication

We keep you up to date on your project and are also there for you after project completion

We offer transparent communication with regular updates. Our first-class customer service is always there for questions and concerns. Even after project completion, we are available for customer inquiries and support. Your trust is rewarded with our ongoing support.

Cost and schedule security

Through constant cost control and schedules, we guarantee timely completion

Thanks to our expertise, we monitor cost progress precisely. Schedules are strictly adhered to in order to ensure timely completion. We place a high priority on staying within budget and on time to provide you with a smooth and stress-free experience.

Customized solutions

Our office concepts and special furniture are individually tailored to your company

Our strength lies in designing individual and tailor-made office solutions that are precisely tailored to the unique needs and requirements of our customers. With innovative concepts, we reflect corporate culture and inspire your employees.

Take advantage of your benefits

Whether it's a new building, a conversion or a move - coneon supports you in all aspects of office planning and furnishing.
We are only satisfied when you are thrilled!