Design of an agile office space

SBH | Schulbau Hamburg – 20355 Hamburg

Das Logo der SBH Schulbau Hamburg.

SBH | Schulbau Hamburg is responsible for the management and construction measures at all Hamburg schools on behalf of the city of Hamburg. 

We at coneon were approached to design a pilot space for SBH that would optimally adapt to the requirements of a hybrid workspace. Flexible workstations and an agile room layout were the main focus. Our brief was to create a story whose values could be felt in the individual spaces. As a result, we designed the theme "Free Space" especially for SBH:

Education and knowledge get a space: FREIraum. A clear but soft language of form permeates the style of the new spaces and offers space for expansiveness, change and transparency, ideas and productivity. A discreet and timeless design of the spaces are in harmony with progress and digitalization, where the new way of working can be lived and experienced.

In keeping with the theme, coneon developed a coherent color concept in pastel shades of blue, turquoise and green, coordinated with light and soft wood colors. The special furniture, which was adapted to the individual requirements of SBH, makes the room design unique and distinctive. To complete the harmonious concept, small details such as decorative foils, glass wall designs and murals were used.

The concept

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