Think – Arbeitsplatzanalyse
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THINK. Workplace analysis.
Better results come from asking better questions.


Before the office concept comes the workplace analysis

The 21st century world of work is placing increasingly complex demands on workplace design. And thus also on businesses and employees. Through THINK, the coneon workplace analysis service, we offer you a flexible solution which prepares you for this challenge by providing an efficient working environment.

Think. The demands of the modern workplace and its design

Research has repeatedly shown that the working environment has a decisive influence on employee satisfaction and motivation within a company. The most important element here is the workplace.


  1. Workplaces need to have a positive influence on employees in their working environment and promote their respective activities.
  2. Work is not tied to a time or place.: nowadays, people are increasingly more flexible and mobile in their work. Technology makes it possible to work from anywhere: at home, in the office, a coffee shop or even on the go.
  3. Mobile working requires situation-specific environments: the working environment needs to be versatile and designed for its purpose, as office work is no longer consistent and repetitive.
  4. ‘Work’ is a concept that encompasses the different ways that employees are active within a company: there are lone wolves, team workers, creative thinkers, lovers of communication and the “always mobile” and all these can be provided with support for their activities by a well-designed working environment.

Ideally, a modern workplace must be individual- and activity-orientated; it should flexible for employees and encourage productivity.

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Workplace analysis and strategy: working together for a better professional environment through targeted office planning

These demands and factors must also be taken into account in workplace analysis. In short, there is no “one-size-fits-all” principle that can be applied to every company and its employees. And this is where coneon’s workplace analysis comes in.

Workplace strategy: a spatial concept generating ideal workflow and activity-orientated working methods

Our workplace strategy particularly highlights individual team members and their various activities. In collaboration with you, coneon will develop a strategic spatial concept for activity-orientated working methods that boosts your team’s motivation, creativity, communication and productivity. Core aims of and improvements to be introduced by our ‘Workspace Strategy’ are:


  • Better employee collaboration
  • Enhanced employee loyalty
  • More healthy workplaces
  • Increased informal communication
  • Integration of breaks and quiet spaces to promote concentration
  • Spaces for project work and creativity
  • Better alternation of private spheres, interaction and mobility
  • More freedom of choice and variety

Office planning: important aspects of the as-is status analysis of the working environment

During workplace analysis, coneon undertakes a detailed evaluation of the working environment and identifies its concrete problems. While searching for possible improvements, we investigate acoustics, ergonomics, light and climate. On request, coneon can also conduct employee or team leader surveys using an online tool. The resulting data provides the best basis for a rewarding and productive office concept and an effective workplace design.


  • Where does your team work? How many work in-house, out-of-house or on the road?
  • What are the working styles of your personnel? Are they more likely to be lone wolves, team-workers or creative thinkers?
  • What sort of corporate culture do you have? What characterises you? Security and accuracy? Creativity and innovation?
  • How is your company positioned/structured?
  • How satisfied are personnel with aspects of the workplace, such as climate, acoustics, lighting conditions, ergonomics and communication?

Workshop “Think people”: A joint workplace analysis

In our “Think people” workshop we analyse your current workplace situation with regard to the aspects above and then formulate objectives. Together, we will then create an office concept that is precisely tailored to your corporate needs.

More about the workshop

Analysing the working environment and improving employee satisfaction.

Would you like to learn more about our workplace strategy? Just contact us! We can tell you which interior concepts will best sustain your range of corporate activities and what kind of space will be needed for future projects.

Test fit: Office space planning and workplace design with your floor plan

So that you have an initial impression of how we propose furnishing your office, we would recommend a test fit. Based on the floor plan you provide, and taking valid workplace guidelines into account, our planning professionals will visualise how many work stations, conference rooms, etc. can be accommodated in your space with the current room layout.   Thanks to coneon’s many years of experience in the office sector and the know-how of our workplace experts, expect to enjoy fast implementation and expert advice! On completion of a test fit, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed concept plan, tailored to suit your employees and their activities.


What is a test fit?   During a test fit, the main furnishings will be digitally fitted to your floor plan in order to find out how many work stations can be accommodated.

More on test fits

coneon – your experts for office planning and workplace enhancement

Whether specific workplace analysis or full office reconfiguration – we will taken on your challenge! By working closely with our customers, we develop concepts aligned with the individual needs of every employee and their respective tasks and activities.   coneon will remain by your side for the realisation of your project, and not just for the planning phase.


Our team of architects, project managers, engineers and designers looks forward to creating a working world for you that will sustainably improve people’s lives and demonstrably increase your company’s productivity.

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