Office Chairs from coneon
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Office chairs from coneon

Whether you’re looking for swivel chairs, stools or acoustic pods – coneon is your partner for comfortable office seating. We look forward to hearing from you.

Office chairs for any occasion

coneon offers a wide range of office chairs for different kinds of company premises:

  • Ergonomic office swivel chairs for traditional offices or meeting rooms.
  • Conference chairs, visitor chairs, cafeteria chairs for all kinds of conference rooms, waiting areas, training rooms, cafeterias or kitchens.
  • Stools and bar stools for kitchens, cafeterias or standalone meeting areas in offices or public areas.
  • Lounge chairs and armchairs for reception areas, lounge areas, cosy meeting areas or creative spaces.
  • Acoustic pods – these are places to retreat in offices, reception areas, break rooms or corridor areas, and places for short meetings or discussions among colleagues.
  • Work chairs for those who work in kitchens, workshops, laboratories etc.

Our interior experts will be happy to create an office plan and advise you about which chairs to choose. Some of the models can be used as both office chairs and conference chairs, and many of the lounge tables have frames to match the armchairs. Let us advise you!


Ergonomics in the workplace

Do you suffer from back problems? The kind of back problem influences the choice of office chair. Do you need lumbar support to strengthen your lower back, or a headrest to relieve your neck muscles? Let our experts advise you on the type of chair to choose and try out our range of office chairs in our showroom in Herborn or our Düsseldorf studio.


Setting options for office swivel chairs

Stuhleinstellung Permanentkontakt-Mechanik

1. Permanent contact mechanism

The backrest can be configured to individually adjust the inclination. When released it can move freely and is held in constant contact with the user’s back via a spring.

Rücken höhenverstellbar

2. Height-adjustable back

The height of the backrest can be gradually adjusted. For ideal back support, the protrusion radius (lumbar support) of the backrest should be at just above waist height.

Synchron-Mechanik für dynamisches Sitzen

3. Synchro mechanism for dynamic sitting

Tilting the backrest causes the seating surface to tilt to a slightly lesser degree (ratio of 3:1 to 2:1). This coupling increases the angle between the upper body and thigh when the user leans back so that joints move, the body is extended and circulation is facilitated. The pelvis is better supported and mobility is enhanced.

Individuelle Körpergewichtseinstellung

4. Adjustment to individual body weight

The restoring force of the synchro mechanism must be adjusted to the individual body weight for correct dynamic sitting. The counter-pressure should be set in such a way that the backrest easily follows your movements. You should not have the sensation of being pushed forwards or falling backwards.

Armlehnen höhenverstellbar

5. Height-adjustable armrest

Your elbows should be supported on the armrest but your shoulders should not be pushed upwards or hang downwards. Neck complaints are reduced. (Height, width and depth adjustable armrests are available).


6. Seat depth adjustment

Adjust the seat depth to ideally support the thighs and ensure good seating comfort. This is done by moving the seat backwards or forwards. To ensure that the setting is best suited to your needs, there should be a gap between the front of the seat and the lower leg of around 2 to 4 fingers wide.


7. Seat inclination adjustment

As well as using the synchro mechanism, the seat inclination can also be set separately. The seating angle changes and promotes movement of the body. The leg posture and feet position also change. This ensures an ergonomic seating angle and secure contact with the backrest. A seat tilted slightly forwards opens up the body angle and thus promotes circulation.


8. Lumbar support adjustment

Our spine has a slight s-shape. A good office chair supports this shape through a curvature in the backrest cushion – the so-called lumbar support. As every person is built differently, the height and depth of the chair should ideally be adjustable.

Choosing the right desk

As well as having an ergonomic office chair, the choice of desk is also very important. Ensure that the desk is set at the correct height otherwise you may develop back problems. (See the office desks section for more information). We always recommend an electromotive height-adjustable desk. This also gives employees the option to occasionally work while standing up.


Sit and stand ergonomically

The following images show what an ergonomic workplace looks like and how you should sit or stand correctly.



Chin tilted slightly downwards and neck gently elongated. Shoulders back and rolled downwards.


Lumbar vertebrae supported by the shaped backrest or adjustable lumbar support


Pelvis tilted slightly forward to prevent rounding of the back


Depending on the monitor size, the viewing distance to the monitor should be between 40 and 75 cm. The uppermost screen line should be slightly below the horizontal optical axis and the downwards viewing angle at least 20°. The monitor may be set at a slight angle.


The upper and lower arm should be at a 90 – 100° angle. The keyboard and mouse are in one line with the elbows and palms of the hands.


The upper and lower leg should be at a 90 – 100° angle. Legs do not have to be parallel to each other. Feet can alternately be put in the stride position for dynamic sitting or standing.


Consider using a foot support when working at desks that are not height adjustable.


Firm stance with weight on the heels. The knee should be slightly bent (prevents overextending the joints).

An optimised workplace

Are you thinking about how to optimise your current place of work? We’d be happy to come and perform a detailed workplace analysis for you. This involves examining your working culture (e.g. focused and tactical working) and activities (e.g. making phone calls, writing, creative thinking etc.) more closely. We will also look at the room size, light conditions, room acoustics and much more. We will then provide you with an individual concept for your workplace and working environment. As part of an office interior design process, the choice of floor should be matched with the choice of wheels. Most office chairs have wheels for carpet, hard floors or, in some cases, wheels that are suitable for any surface. With the right wheels the office chair can move freely and without leaving any scratches on the floor. We’d be happy to advise you!

Are you looking for the perfect office chair? Come for a consultation and try out our chairs!

Our contact partners in Düsseldorf and Herborn will be happy to answer your questions.


Tony Burk for Düsseldorf:  +49 (0) 211 569457-0


Contact Düsseldorf


Mike Burk for Herborn: +49 (0) 2772 57697-0


Contact Herborn

The advantages in choosing coneon:

  • Our office chairs come with a 5 year guarantee.
  • Our prices include delivery, assembly and packaging disposal.
  • Upon request, we can also remove and dispose of existing furniture.

The coneon office furniture catalogue

Our furniture catalogue contains an overview of all our office furniture. The PDF version can be viewed online:

Büromöbelkatalog Titelseite und Innenseite
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