Design – Büroplanung und Bürogestaltung
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DESIGN. Office planning and design.
Different types of work need different environments.


DESIGN. Office planning and design

Our workplace analysis is implemented in the form of office planning. Taking into account valid workplace guidelines, planning and design aspects are interwoven in the development of the right office concept – always in close consultation with our customers. In addition to the generation of plans, also required is the coordination of materials and products (office furnishings and equipment) while there is also the option of the introduction of custom-made products to meet the special challenges of your office design.

From workplace analysis to the office concept

In the first stage “THINK” coneon analyses how you as a business work and what your employees need: What kind of design is productive? How should the office space be divided? Which interior characteristics will promote the activities of your employees? coneon’s planning professionals will collate this information, taking into account the values and culture of your company in order to create your new office concept.


Advantages of professional workplace and office design

A professional workplace design will motivate employees, attract new applicants and boost the productivity of your company. coneon GmbH supplies more than just standard office layouts. We also develop and implement an overall concept that extends right from the bare brickwork to the turnkey handover.

1. The feel-good factor workplace: happy and healthy employees

A well-designed work space has a demonstrable influence on the productivity, satisfaction and health of employees. Accordingly, the design of an office space should be geared towards the needs of the people in the company and concern for their well-being. As part of office planning, it is important to provide for the appropriate facilities for various activities, e.g. telephone areas, retreat zones and project rooms. Moreover, the regulations relating to health and safety at work must also be adhered to. Noise in the workplace, inappropriate lighting, poor screen positioning and lack of ergonomic furniture can result in health problems and mental health issues.


White paper on employee health

“The influence of office design on employee health” – What affects employee productivity? The three pillars of workplace design you need to know!


See the white paper

2. The successful employer

Employees who are healthy and motivated work more efficiently and boost a company’s productivity. A workplace that motivates employees to work together, innovate, and supports them in their activities makes not only for satisfied employees but also happy employers. By investing 1-2% more in your personnel (by optimising your space), you can increase employee performance, which in turn has a positive effect on the productivity of your entire business. When designing your office, you need to ensure that you effectively use the available space. If personnel have to negotiate longer distances, it wastes time and impacts negatively on productivity as well. You aim should be to optimise your spatial configuration and to adapt areas to the relevant type of work performed.


3. A well-planned work environment as a plus point for potential recruits

These days most applicants expect an ergonomic workplace. Workplaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology improve both efficiency and the quality of work. Make a point of taking your applicants through your premises during the interview stage and leave them with a positive, lasting impression of their potential future workplace.


White paper on employer appeal

“The influence of office design on employer appeal” – In an era when there is a potential shortage of skilled workers, it has become all the more important to for employers to ensure they appeal to those seeking work.


See the white paper

Office planning in practice: what types of office are there in the professional world?

With the help of the results of your workplace analysis, we will select the appropriate type of office for you. The following office designs are just a few examples of how your office could be set up:

The coneon office concept: the floor plan as the basis for office planning

If you do not have a layout plan of your premises, we can measure the space and prepare a dimensionally accurate floor plan for you. The digitised version of this floor plan will then form the basis of our office planning. The floor plan will show the following: Room layout, existing windows and doors, power lines and the furnishings that are to be retained.

First concept draft for office redesign

The next step is for coneon to create a concept draft for the redesign of your office. First, we coordinate the new distribution of workplaces in consultation with you. After consultation, we then add additional sanitary facilities or recreation spaces, adjust walls or replace them with glass partitions. When positioning desks, we are careful to abide by workplace guidelines. For example, we ensure that the minimum space requirements, the guidelines for walking distances, and the requirements for lighting and ergonomics are all adhered to.

Of course, the furnishings mustn’t be neglected. The following points need to be considered when planning office equipment:

  • Drywalls and glass walls
  • Floor coverings
  • Wall coverings
  • Lights and lighting in the office
  • Climate control
  • Specialist media technology for conference rooms, and network and cable management
  • Acoustics (ceiling sails, wall absorbers, acoustic partitions)
  • Office decoration (labelling and signage in your corporate design, touches of colour and plants)
  • Office furniture (desk chairs, desks, filing cabinets, roll containers, conference tables and chairs for visitors). Depending on working routines, ergonomic requirements and the layout of the office furniture, we can also offer bespoke solutions. From desks and kitchen features to media technology, in our range you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. coneon® products are synonymous with quality und durability. Therefore, we offer a 10-year guarantee along with a 5-year availability guarantee. This enables you to add to your furnishings and obtain new items at any time, or adapt them to meet new requirements.

Do you have any questions about our custom-made products?

Our planning team will be happy to advise you and create a true-to-scale visualisation of your product in advance. On request, we can design completely new and unique products on your behalf that emphasise the uniqueness of your company.


Request now

Office plan visualisation: See your office design before it’s realised

Based on the draft concept, our designers will create digital visualisations and mood boards for your new office. In ongoing consultation with you, we will select a basic design together. We have access to an almost unlimited selection of fabric patterns, floor coverings, wood decors and wall paints. Finally, we will plan your optimal office setup with tables, seats and other furniture together. Lighting, acoustics, room climate and ergonomics also play an important role in this process.


We will then present the finished design to you in the form of a 3D office visualisation and product presentation. This ensures you can inspect your new office from every perspective before the construction work has even begun. Once the products and materials have been approved, your office design is ready to be implemented.

Office design with coneon design experts

Whether you are outfitting a new office, relocating or modernising, the coneon® team will make the best out of your premises. By working closely with our customers, we develop concepts aligned with the individual needs of every employee and their respective tasks and activities.   coneon will remain by your side for the realisation of your project, and not just for the planning phase. Our team of architects, project managers, engineers and designers looks forward to creating a working world for you that will sustainably improve the lives of people and demonstrably increase your company’s productivity.

Be inspired: Our previous projects for customers demonstrate the modern office worlds we have already created.


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